Net neutrality in Norway

European Net Neutrality – Regulation and guidelines


European net neutrality is at the beginning of a new era. Through the net neutrality Regulation adopted in 2015, and corresponding net neutrality Guidelines issued in 2016, a new foundation for protection of the open Internet in Europe is established. The regulatory monitoring of net neutrality at the national level, as prescribed by the Regulation, should  guarantee a neutral Internet for European citizens and businesses.

Originally published at Norwegian Communications Authority (Nkom).
Full text published in Net Neutrality Reloaded presented at the UN IGF.

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Public consultation of European net neutrality guidelines

berecconsultation6 June 2016 BEREC launches its draft European net neutrality guidelines, and over a period of six weeks’ public consultation, stakeholders are invited to provide their comments. BEREC will then, after having taken the feedback into account, finalize the guidelines by 30 August. This short paper presents some of the core questions which the guidelines seek to answer.

Originally published at Norwegian Communications Authority (Nkom).
More information available at the Launch of the BEREC consultation.

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The European net neutrality year 2015

NN in Europe 2015In 2015 we experienced a great breakthrough in the net neutrality developments in Europe. Late November, European net neutrality rules were published in the Official Journal, after a long and winding legislative process. Furthermore, BEREC is now tasked to develop guidelines for the implementation of these rules, and an initial step of this work is taking place today.

Originally published at Norwegian Communications Authority (Nkom).

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How can the Open Internet coexist with specialised services?


The net neutrality debate in Europe is stalled by a serious confusion about the distinction between the open Internet and other IP-based services provided outside the Internet, so-called specialised services. This has evolved into a word game which obstructs a constructive discourse about one of today’s most important questions for the modern society. On 5th June this topic is up for discussion at the net neutrality panel at the EuroDIG 2015 conference in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Contribution to the EuroDIG 2015 net neutrality panel by Frode Sorensen, Norwegian Communications Authority (Nkom).

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European and US approaches to net neutrality


Now that the FCC has published the US net neutrality rules, and the political institutions in EU are struggling to reach a compromise for a European regulation, it is interesting to compare the two approaches on the different sides of the Atlantic. At the same time, on 22 April the SMART Workshop with a net neutrality panel was organized in Barcelona, where these two approached were discussed between Scott Jordan (FCC) and Frode Sorensen (Nkom). This article presents some considerations from a Norwegian perspective.

Speech given at the Barcelona SMART Workshop by Frode Sorensen, Nkom.
Contributed to Net Neutrality paper published in Net Neutrality compendium, Springer,
compendium editors Luca Belli and Primavera de Filippi, preface by Vinton G. Cerf.

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Regulating a Borderless Internet: EU vs. US Perspectives on Net Neutrality


4th March 2015 OpenForum Academy organized a Roundtable at the European Parliament in Brussels, discussing regulatory aspects of Net Neutrality, comparing EU and US perspectives, their differences, similarities and implications for the continued openness of a Borderless Internet and in terms of regulatory requirements for companies active in both sides of the Atlantic.

Summary of speech given at the Net Neutrality Roundtable by Frode Sorensen, Norwegian Communications Authority (Nkom).

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