Net neutrality in Norway

Regulating a Borderless Internet: EU vs. US Perspectives on Net Neutrality


4th March 2015 OpenForum Academy organized a Roundtable at the European Parliament in Brussels, discussing regulatory aspects of Net Neutrality, comparing EU and US perspectives, their differences, similarities and implications for the continued openness of a Borderless Internet and in terms of regulatory requirements for companies active in both sides of the Atlantic.

Summary of speech given at the Net Neutrality Roundtable by Frode Sorensen, Norwegian Communications Authority (Nkom).

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Net neutrality and charging models


The Internet has proven to be a unique platform for innovation and economic growth and provides unprecedented opportunities for communication between people. Very few wish to return to the era before the Internet. For this reason, authorities are working to achieve net neutrality, with a view to preserve an open Internet. In this article we consider the relationship between net neutrality and traffic handling, followed by net neutrality and charging models.

Originally published at Computerworld Norway and at Nkom.
Contributed to Net Neutrality paper published in Net Neutrality compendium, Springer,
compendium editors Luca Belli and Primavera de Filippi, preface by Vinton G. Cerf.

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Net neutrality is an international issue


Net neutrality is currently a “hot” topic in the regulation of electronic communications. In many countries, such regulation is the subject of intense debate, both within the industry as well as among the politicians, while other countries have already implemented regulation of net neutrality. However, the regulatory model that has been chosen in different countries varies widely. This article compares some typical models that have been used in European countries.

Originally published at Computerworld Norway.

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On the origin of specialised services

The two lanes

Specialised services are a main topic in the important debate about net neutrality in Europe. Yet how are we to understand this concept? What does it mean in practice? Which specific services does it refer to? While looking for answers to these questions, we get to the very core of the discussion: how specialised services relate to the Internet.

Originally published at Computerworld Norway. Also published in “Network Neutrality: an Ongoing Regulatory Debate“, 2014 Annual Report of the Dynamic Coalition, edited by Luca Belli & Primavera De Filippi, preface by Vinton G. Cerf

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D-day for European Net Neutrality


Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority (NPT) congratulates Europe with a step in the right direction regarding protection of net neutrality for users of the Internet. The vote in the European Parliament Thursday 3 April 2014 showed a great enthusiasm for the open Internet, and so did many of the activities influencing the political process prior to the decision in the Parliament.

Originally posted at Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority.

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Who should pay for Netflix?

Netflix ATT

This is a burning question of the day, both in Norway and abroad. The debate in the US is naturally best known, and is often linked to the question of net neutrality. But Netflix is a hot potato in Norway too. It may be useful to clarify further the concepts related to net neutrality.

Who Should Pay for Netflix? asks telecommunications operator AT&T, as a response to Netflix’ claims: Internet Tolls And The Case For Strong Net Neutrality. Is it possible to say which of them is right?

Originally published at Computerworld Norway.

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